Program in kindergarten

The Oxbridge International School kindergarten uses the state Ilk Kadam program, approved by the Ministry of Preschool Education. This program was created with the support and on the basis of the observations and recommendations of the UNICEF International Children's Fund in Uzbekistan.

General description

The school assumes a competence-based approach in the education of children of preschool age, which involves preparing the growing personality of a child for life, shaping his ways of working necessary for solving vital problems related to the development of moral norms and values, communication with other people, building an image of self. Our program aims at an individual approach to the development of a child, respect for his personality, consideration of his interests, needs and level of development, care for emotional comfort, striving for to create conditions for free creative expression. Therefore, monitoring the development of the child is an important point in the work of the teacher. The teacher systematically observes the life of children in order to better understand the child and the real reasons for his behavior, to see the child’s development, his inner world, to support, to determine development paths, to identify needs and interests. On the basis of pedagogical observations, the planning of educational activities is being developed and improved.

The mandatory part of the program involves an integrated approach to the implementation of five educational areas:
  • Physical development and the formation of a healthy lifestyle;
  • Speech, communication, reading and writing skills;
  • Cognitive development;
  • Social and emotional development;
  • Creative development.

Kindergarten in OIS is a living creative union of adults and children. Our students actively participate in the design of their group, halls, corridors, prepare congratulations and gifts to adults for various holidays, for anniversaries of the institution, hometown.