Safety is first of all reasonableness and reasonable rules.

We believe that security is not a high wire fence, deaf gates and total control. Safety is first of all reasonableness and reasonable rules. At Oxbridge International school, students and pupils do not encounter a list of prohibitions and restrictions, but study in a friendly environment that invisibly and reliably protects it from adverse factors. The concept of school safety is based on creating a comfortable surrounding space, in which following the rules grows out of trust and respect for each other, understanding the needs of each student and pupil.

School buildings architecture.

The concept of security in the school has already been implemented at the level of architectural design. There are no dark corners and dead ends in the buildings of the Oxbridge International school, but there are many open spaces and transparent walls and doors. The campuses of the school and kindergarten were designed specifically for training, and in no way were our buildings reconstructed. Transparent walls and doors show a sense of community and security. Being enthusiastically engaged in business, you can close the door, lower the blinds, but the feeling of school as a single space makes it possible never to feel alone. This approach allows all adults to keep abreast of schoolchildren’s affairs without interfering with them - that is, to exercise so-called passive control. However, we also use active protection measures: for example, all windows in the school building open to a safe ventilation mode, and all entrance groups are monitored by security and police and are well visible.

Security system.

The campus of the school and kindergarten are under round the clock security and video surveillance. Under supervision is the entire perimeter of the fence. All movements of children indoors are monitored by a video control system. For the safety of the school, all the teachers are responsible who watch the children clearly, but tactfully and unobtrusively.

Outside school and kindergarten.

Вопросы, касающиеся выхода детей за пределы школы без сопровождения родителей, решаются в индивидуальном порядке директором или завучем, а также классным руководителем. Без письменного согласия родителей мы не отпускаем детей с территории школы.